Surveillance and Parenting

Featured Image, Surveillance by screenpunk (CC BY-NC 2.0) Blog written, and video collaborated by: Adinda Cresheilla, Lauren Connelly, Sam Shineberg and Emma Miller Surveillance and parenting, have you ever thought about how they go together? As we now live in an ever growing digital online society, we all are contributing to the mass amount of... Continue Reading →


Featured Image Ghost Writer (P365-336) by Steve Petrucelli (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)  Have you ever been hacked? Hacking is now the most common form of the distressing digital threat we now face in the digital age. As society uses many digital platforms, it is up to us to surveil and regulate our own usage to prevent hacking.... Continue Reading →

Student to Grad: Amy’s Advice

After studying for many years, you realise graduation is finally near - you start to wonder what you will be doing after University. Whether it is full time, part time or casual work, where will this degree take me? After sitting down with recent Deakin Graduate Amy Martin, I could start to understand the importance... Continue Reading →

Big Brother is watching you…while you work?!

Featured Image Surveillance by Jonathan MacIntosh (CC BY-SA 2.0) Big Brother, is he watching you? Caluya states that with "...rapid technological developments, particularly the rise of computerised databases, require us to rethink the panoptic metaphor" (2000, p. 607). Have you ever felt like you are being watched? Whether in a public place, such as a... Continue Reading →

When in Florence…

...unfortunately there is only one photo in this blog, and I know what you're thinking, why wouldn't I take more photos when in Florence? Well, the answer to that is because I was so caught up in the surrounds and taking every moment in, rather than being stuck behind the camera (only a portion of... Continue Reading →

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