Country Living Cons

Waking up to the sound of birds, trees rustling in the wind, the smell of fresh air at your doorstep; sweet serenity, who wouldn’t want to have all these things on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you want your family living in a beautiful, sweet location?

The country sure does have its perks, and I must say, living there for fifteen years really showed me the highlights, and the lows of being so far away from the city of Melbourne.

In a far, far away place, about three hours from the city of Melbourne, was a small country area called South Gippsland. Sure, it was full of positive vibes, but when it came to education and careers, it failed to impress the young locals of the area. My little, local town called Foster occupied over two thousand people- and if you compare the people to work ratio, it is impossible to believe jobs are easy to come by.

Jobs are the most important thing for young adults looking to excel in life and have successful careers, and the country cannot offer this. This is the same as education; as Foster High School is very small, it limits the students to do extra curriculum, and extra activities as they cannot afford it. This mess leaves the little country town of Foster, in a rut about its youths, and the unemployed. As with little transportation and education, young adults are finding it hard to start something new and fresh, as they are grounded where they are.

Below is a great article, written by Natalie Kotsios (The Weekly Times), highlighting the facts and figures of youths living, and working int he country. Please have a read, it really is something to think about.

E xx

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