Let’s Google it!

Featured Image, google by SEO (CC BY 2.0)

It’s easy to just pick up our smartphones, or turn on our laptop to Google silly questions we are too shy to ask the person next to us… but when it comes to the most common Google searches in Australia for 2016, I must say it was not what I was expecting. The top ten follow below:

1. How to tie a tie?
(I understand why people would google this, its hard to tie a tie! Simple steps google please. 😉

2. How to screenshot on mac?
(Technology at its hardest, we all need to screenshot at times.)

 3. How to make pancakes?
(C’mon, if you didn’t make these with your grandma, or in High School, please just go to Pancake Parlour)

4. How to play Pokemon Go?
(No, just no, this fad is over!)

 5. How to draw?

6. How to write a cover letter?
(This is such a good question, and so important on resumes, good work Australia!)

7. How to get rid of pimples?
(Yes they are a pain, and there are some pretty good remedies on the net!)

8. How to download from YouTube?
(We all like illegal songs!)

9. How to lose weight fast?
(Wouldn’t we all?)

10. How to write a resume?
(A beneficial question for your career!)

Remember, if you ever get stuck on any questions, just Google it!

 #WhatWouldWedoWithoutGoogle #TopTenQuestions #SearchEngine

E xx

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