“We Can Do It”, it’s International Women’s Day! Part 1

Today is International Women’s day.
A day where women around the globe celebrate the empowerment of women throughout the world. Let’s take a closer look on the rise of one empowered woman during the early feminist movement.

Meet Rosie.


Rosie is the pin-up girl from the feminist era movement.
She is the 28th most influentially rated women during the 1940’s as she helped start up the women’s liberation movement.

So what is this image portraying and why is it so important? The image depicts a woman standing confidently. Her body language is very strong, as her arm is in an upright firm position. This image depicts cultural and gender specific differences, as in the early 1940’s to 1960’s television and the media had represented women as household wives, who were shown to be stupid, mindless and insecure. Yet the woman in the Digital Poster obviously wants to show differently.

We can see that Rosie is implying she is and can be dominant just like males, as located at the top of the digital poster, the statement, “We Can Do it!” in capital, bold letters generates this idea.

The clothing worn by ‘Rosie’ also uses the form of non-verbal communication. As what she is wearing speaks to the interpreter; the clothes she is shown in, suggests she is wearing a male button up shirt with a thick collar. The type of material as well as the folded up sleeves, generally represents working class men. The clothing colour of deep blue suggests male gender portrayal, as colours signify aspects of identity on the basis of quite explicit (and quite arbitrary) written rules.

The face and eyes of Rosie show a firm look, as her mouth is positioned in a downright angle, her cheekbones are lowered, and the slight tilt of her head conveys an authoritative feel. The eyes also show Rosie staring deeply at her viewers, as her main idea is to influence the viewer through gender dominance.

So why is this image so important? This image is used world wide, as an inspirational image for women’s movement, as Rosie was, and still is one of the biggest feminist movement campaigns which brought about controversy and dilemma within the 1940’s.

Rosie created talk. She created a divide between the old and new ideologies we hold in today’s society.
Without Rosie, feminism as we know it wouldn’t of sprouted as a mass movement around the globe.

Part 2- More about Rosie coming soon…


E xx

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