Social Media Identity

How do I sum up my online identity? Well, it’s a tricky topic, but here is a post I have recently uploaded to Instagram. I posted this photo on a sunny day, whilst exercising and drinking latte’s at St Kilda Sea Baths #healthy #active #exercise #coffee

But how do you know if what I am saying is true? Well, guess what, you will never know the truth behind this image! But, I can tell you that it was not a sunny day, I am not particularly fond of exercise, and coffee gives me a headache! So, upon analysing this information, you now know that I am constructing a completely different identity online, and that this is an inauthentic online identity!

Recently I have been thinking about how authentic I am on social media, and who is the real me. Do I portray myself as someone I am not? My identity on social media can be summed up through pictures, statuses, likes, tweets, comments, blogs and everything else I actively do throughout the digital world.

My recent posts on Instagram outline how anyone and everyone using social media platforms has the ability to portray whatever identity they choose, and how authentic they want to be. Is this a bad thing? No! You don’t have to be authentic on social media, in fact, showing different attitudes and attributes on social media may just benefit you and who you are, or what you will become in the future. Being inauthentic on social media is an online digital trend, which deeply resonates all individual users on social media. After all, we are all guilty of posting pictures taken weeks, months, or even years ago just to show the digital world how happy you really are (or were).

But how happy are you? Is this post just a cover up for how you are feeling in that particular moment? Think about this next time you post a photo and feel a bit down in the dumps. Let’s just remember that everyone can decide there own identity, whether it be on social media, or in real life- the choice is yours!

~ E

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