Gamified FREEBIES (we all love free stuff, right?)

Gamification. Just think about this word for a bit… do you know what this means? Do you know what is involved within this process? Well, at first I had no idea what this meant and the process in which it is used. 

After looking into the definition, and the process of gamification, I discovered some very interesting areas, in which I was too familiar with. Processes in which I would actively use in my everyday life. Such as gamified learning, education, devices, apps, online (and offline) games, just to name a few in which I frequently use. The one that surprised me the most, was gamifiction within customer loyalty, also known as Marketing gamification. Customer loyalty gamification, includes cards like frequent flyer points, Gloria Jeans points, Boost points, and Kathmandu points just to name a few in which I am engaged with.

Photograph by Emma Miller, 16 April 2017

So what is gamification? This process can be seen as elements of typical game playing, which encourages activity and participation within the user. In the case of customer loyalty gamification, we can identify that users are not aware that they are actively playing a game. They assume that the particular product and service they are using, in which gives them a loyalty card, or uses a point system, is there because they are a worthy customer- they deserve it right? Well, I wish this were true! Gamification in this area, is mostly used to raise revenue and create active business growth. In handing out a loyalty card, to every Tom, Dick and Harry, or using a loyalty system, creates increased activity as ‘freebies’ and ‘points’ makes buying fun (so we spend lots and lots of money to get the ‘freebies’!) 

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An everyday experience that I use, that can be classed as gamification, is getting my morning coffee card stamped! Something as simple as, buy 9 get 1 free motivates me to keep spending money, until I get one free (even though I probably would of bought it anyway). Yet, this process motivates me to be a regular customer; knowing that every time I purchase a drink, I can get my loyalty card stamped! Fantastic, right?!

Another recent gamified experience I have encountered whilst shopping, was at Kathmandu. This store has a loyalty card program, called Summit Club Membership.
Every dollar spent, equals to 1 point on the loyalty card. 
After spending $500, I received a $20 gift voucher (which I will definitely be using on my next purchase!) The funny thing is, if I had not received this voucher for gaining 500 points, I would of had no desire to purchase items from the store for a while- yet in receiving this voucher, has made me motivated to shop and redeem it as soon as I can!

We can determine that in using the Summit Club Membership, I am being encouraged by Kathmandu (bribed with the points and the rewards program) to actively participate with the loyalty card program, and to buy more products at the store!

This is a great example of gamification use within customer loyalty. 

Think about it next time you get a free coffee whilst using your Gloria Jeans eSipper loyalty card, or get added points on your flybys card from doing your daily shopping… what gamified methods are you actively involved in?



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