Are you responsible on social media?

Featured Image, Responsibility by Helen K (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram, or Facebook feed to come across a highly inappropriate photo, to which you wonder, ‘…why are they posting that? What would there grandma think…?’ – Well, you are not alone! The amount of times, I have scrolled through, Facebook, or Instagram, to witness mass amounts of concerning, and disturbing images in which I would never ever even consider posting, is ridiculous!
So why do individuals even think this is ok?

Society as a whole, has made social media out to be a safe place to post images on your ‘private’ profile, making individuals believe posting anything they want is ok- and that it will not create any harm. Some individuals forget, that social media is world wide; even though you may only have your close friends on your Facebook list, do not forget that we can screenshot, send, email, repost, and recirculate the image in whichever format suits us! This is the most frightening thing, as anything we post (regardless of the image) is up for grabs. Anyone can use our content (with or without our permission) and it is up to us to make others aware what is safe to post, and what is not!

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A previous experience I have encountered was of a mutual friend posting images of drunk, disorderly behaviour (not once, but a number of times). This individual was studying to become a Primary School Teacher. Her account was set to public, so anyone and everyone could view her profile as they pleased. Do you really think that if a future employer would view this profile, they would hire you? Why would they want someone whose reckless and immature, teaching a bunch of young primary schoolers? Could this type of behaviour influence the children in a ‘bad’ way?

Just remember, that everything you post is public- regardless if your account is set to private! We have the tools available to screenshot and repost images, so be aware…
Here is a handy little article, on what we should not be posting online. The other most important thing is knowing your rights, as online privacy does follow laws in which everyone should be aware of!

I believe that it is our responsibility to use social media in a way that doesn’t harm others, and to be aware how this can impact our health, well-being, and ultimately our future.

Social Media by socialmediablazer

Privacy Tip: Never post anything online that you wouldn’t want your parents, grandparents or future employers to see.


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