When in Florence…

…unfortunately there is only one photo in this blog, and I know what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t I take more photos when in Florence? Well, the answer to that is because I was so caught up in the surrounds and taking every moment in, rather than being stuck behind the camera (only a portion of that is true, I left my camera in the hotel room…oops). Yet, it was still nice to fully enjoy the surrounds without taking thousands of photos, unlike the other countries visited.

So, here is a little piece on what to do when in Florence… 

Ahhhh…Florence. It’s small lane ways and narrow streets remind me of Rome. It really is, in a way, a mini Rome – with its centre squares, shopping style and hidden restaurants. While in Florence, try and soak up the atmosphere by strolling down roads and blending in like a local. Ditch the map, and get lost, that really is the best way to experience it! And don’t stress, it’s pretty hard to get lost (to the point of freaking out) in Florence. Somehow you will always end back in the main square (just follow the signs…)

View on the bridge of Ponte Vecchio, Florence

1. Visit the Ponte Vecchio Bridges – spectacular views, and a photographers dream spot!

2. While in Florence, make sure to stop off at a leather shop. It’s fantastic seeing what real hand made leather is like (compared to the tacky leather back at home).

3. Eat, and I mean eat. Try new things, or just pick something off the menu at random. It will surprise you, most times you will be given pasta, and it will be the best pasta you have ever eaten!

4. Make sure you enjoy lots, and lots of ice cream. Florence was my favourite place for ice cream – it was the best in ALL of Europe. I highly recommend having more then one flavour, spoil yourself!

5. David, and yes I mean the statue. If you love art, and historic sculptures, make sure you visit the statue of David. And if that’s a bit out of your price range, no stress, there are many fake David’s around Florence!

6. And don’t forget the spectacular views of the city. Make sure to visit the Michelangelo Piazza view, you will thank me later.


And finally, enjoy it!




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