Student to Grad: Amy’s Advice

After studying for many years, you realise graduation is finally near – you start to wonder what you will be doing after University. Whether it is full time, part time or casual work, where will this degree take me? After sitting down with recent Deakin Graduate Amy Martin, I could start to understand the importance of networking, and you should too. Amy Martin studied the Bachelor of Communication, majoring in PR during her time at Deakin University. After her second year of studying, she landed an internship with a communications agency; it was only after the internship she knew what she really wanted to do. Amy could not stress more about the importance interning plays on your future career.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 6.00.22 pm
“When you’re a student, you have this awesome ability that you can go up to anyone just because you’re a student. You can approach any one at all that you may be interested in interning or working at.”                                                                                                           – Amy Martin

Amy highlights the difference an internship will make when applying to future jobs, as it will really set you apart from other candidates as all the experience helps.

It’s best to intern while at Uni, as it’s “without the weight of doing it by yourself.” Amy strongly recommends starting early with internships during your degree as it really impacts on future jobs, as your skill sets and passion will set you apart from others applying to the same possible position as you, “people are more eager, if you’re incredibly eager.”



Amy now works in the Graduate Program for Leo Burnett, which she enjoys immensely.
“It’s pretty full on and not one day is the same, I really enjoy what I do” 

Amy’s passion and strive during her University day’s really played a major role in landing her dream job. Amy will be attending the PRMC forum this month as a guest speaker, and is looking forward to providing advice to many PR, Media & Communications students at the event. She highly recommends any students to attend the event as networking and communicating with guests and speakers is highly important within the communications field.

“The best thing about going to this forum is that it breaks the ice. It’s all about networking and approaching different employers without that weight of doing it by yourself”

The PRMC Forum will be held at Victoria University’s Flinders Street campus, the day-long event will give students the opportunity to meet and hear from senior practitioners and media personalities. To find out more about the event, please click here.


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