The Wonders of Interning

Are you studying? Are you interested in learning hands on experience? If you are, an internship is just the role for you! After recently completing an internship at Mad Scientist Digital, a marketing agency based in Hawthorn East, I have been thinking about all the wonderful hands on experience I was taught during my three month internship.

I know what you’re thinking, daunting right? As a second year student I’m not going to lie, walking into the office on my first day was just a little scary; new surrounds, new people, and completely new culture! But after only a few hours in the office, I began to love my surrounds, and the new routine I would be conducting for the next three months.

I would of found it a great help if I knew a little more about any tips for students prior to interning; below are 3 of my top tips for any student interning whilst at uni:

  1. Dress to impress – It’s always a good idea to be well presented, put an effort into this new position — it won’t go unnoticed.
  2. Yes, yes, and yes – Always be ready to learn more, and remember to say yes to learning more!
  3. Be positive – Don’t be a negative Nancy! Be positive, smile, and just enjoy your time in your new surrounds. You will gain much more from the experience, and will learn a lot more.

Interning whilst at University was definitely one of the best things that has happened to me (since being accepted into my degree). I would highly recommend interning whilst at University, as having the Uni there to guide you on the right track is really a great tool to have whilst studying.

Below are some images of Mad Scientist Digital!

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