Gamified FREEBIES (we all love free stuff, right?)


Gamification.Just think about this word for a bit… do you know what this means? Do you know what is involved within this process? Well, at first I had no idea what this meant and the process in which it is used. 

After looking into the definition, and the process of gamification, I discovered some very interesting areas, in which I was too familiar with. Processes in which I would actively use in my everyday life. Such as gamified learning, education, devices, apps, online (and offline) games, just to name a few in which I frequently use. The one that surprised me the most, was gamifiction within customer loyalty, also known as Marketing gamification. Customer loyalty gamification, includes cards like frequent flyer points, Gloria Jeans points, Boost points, and Kathmandu points just to name a few in which I am engaged with.

IHIQ1143Photograph by Emma Miller, 16 April 2017

So what…

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