Big Brother is watching you…while you work?!

Featured Image Surveillance by Jonathan MacIntosh (CC BY-SA 2.0) Big Brother, is he watching you? Caluya states that with "...rapid technological developments, particularly the rise of computerised databases, require us to rethink the panoptic metaphor" (2000, p. 607). Have you ever felt like you are being watched? Whether in a public place, such as a... Continue Reading →

Gamification: Enhancing User Engagement

Featured Image, Gamification by Jurgen Appelo (CC BY 2.0) Let's talk Gamification in classroom learning!  What is gamification, and where is this method used? ‘...gamification of education is a developing approach for increasing learners’ motivation and engagement by incorporating game design elements in educational environments' In analysing the definition above, we can identify that gamification is... Continue Reading →

Social Activism: #UntilWeAllBelong

A social movement which caught my attention recently, called Until We All Belong, is a movement about equal rights and marriage equality. As described on the Until We All Belong website, '...Our mission is to make everyone feel welcome and accepted no matter who you are. It’s this focus that has brought our attention to the LGBTQI community and the support needed for marriage equality in Australia. We see marriage as a fundamental part of belonging and, while we know Australians accept marriage equality, we are determined to help empower change to ensure all Australians have the right to marry the person they love.'

Bridging the Digital Divide

Featured Image, digital divide by Oliver Lavery (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Imagine your life without a phone, no contact to anyone through texting or calling. Imagine life without the Internet...would you be able to cope with not being able to check your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat feed? Think about how you would feel in this situation...... Continue Reading →

Online Dating: What’s out there?

There are so many dating websites and apps available, it is hard to keep count. But which one is right for you? Below is an outlined description of various online dating websites, and different services they provide.

Are you responsible on social media?

Featured Image, Responsibility by Helen K (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram, or Facebook feed to come across a highly inappropriate photo, to which you wonder, '...why are they posting that? What would there grandma think...?' - Well, you are not alone! The amount of times, I have scrolled through, Facebook,... Continue Reading →

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