Legacy and Digital Media: how do they relate?

Featured Image, Tablet use 1 by ebayink (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) The relationships between legacy and digital media have similarities and differences. Both media areas embody social customs and relationships within its audiences and society as we can identify this between the two (Stewart & Kowaltzke 2008, p. 3). The relationships and key characteristics vary, yet... Continue Reading →

Transmedia Activity: shaping the way we communicate

Featured Image, communication by Jonny Hughes (CC BY 2.0) Throughout many Digital Media platforms within society, we witness a range of circulation and sharing between different social mediums. The way in which Transmedia activities are formed and shaped are reliant on the many media platforms which shapes them. What are Transmedia activities and which digital... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Are You Addicted?

Featured Image, Street Art by 123 Inspiration, (CC BY 2.0) When was the last time you checked your Facebook notifications, or the latest newsfeed on Instagram, or even just checking in with Twitter updates? Was it within the last 24 hours, 2 hours ago, or maybe you checked less than an hour ago! (I know that I... Continue Reading →

Social Media Profiles: the different me’s

Featured Image, identity by Nikos Roussos (CC BY-SA 2.0) Personality; we all have one, but when it comes to our online identity, our personality and persona can be forever changing, and can be the way in which others ultimately view us.  We can define our personality, and persona as one's '...true self', (Chandler & Munday... Continue Reading →

Online Identity 101

It's nine o'clock on a Sunday Morning, and I am sitting on my phone, scrolling through the latest gossip and trends on the most recent activity through Instagram and Facebook. It is a bit boring on a Sunday morning- so I decide to make a post. Looking back through old pictures in my phone album,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Google it!

It's easy to just pick up our smartphones, or turn on our laptop to Google silly questions we are too shy to ask the person next to us... but when it comes to the most common Google searches in Australia for 2016, I must say it was not what I was expecting.

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